The Designer’s Bag / What’s Inside…


Yesterday I posted a photo of my new work tote.  I was in the market for something classic and large enough to hold all of my design stuff .  I went with the Zara Leather Shopper in blue (great for Summer)  Below are some of go to items that I always have on hand during the workday.




Leather Shopper:  The soft shopper by  ZARA

Fabric + Wallpaper Swatches/Samples:  I always have some kind of swatch in my bag…

Stone Textile Fold Bags:  One for makeup and one for supplies

Gold Tape Measure:  Yes, I just ordered this.  Surprised?

Fabric Scissors:  I still have my Gingher brand shears from college.  The metallic fabric tied around it is from my Senior Collection back in the design school days — hope it stays on there forever!

Magazines:  The latest design mags for inspiration–clients love seeing pretty pictures.

Paint Deck:  I always have my Benjamin Moore desk on hand.

I Pad:  When I present to clients I pull it all up on my iPad / case by Alexander Wang.

Clipboards:  Each project we are working on has it’s own clipboard to keep everything (memos, invoices, fabric samples, design boards) in one place / acrylic clipboard by Russell + Hazel

Sunglasses:  Love the design of these by Warby Parker