The Bedroom Project…

When we moved into our apartment last year I spent a lot of time on the living room, office, and dining area.  Our bedroom got left out.  I am finally going to make a few small and affordable changes to the room.  This is what the bedroom looks like now…



This is what I want to do…


1.  I will paint the wall with the windows and curtains a dark color.  I am going with Benjamin Moore/”Soot”.   I have had the curtains that are up now forever!  I am so sick of them.  They will be replaced with Stone Textile Signature Print Curtains that I had made for the photo shoot.  The brass curtain rod is from Restoration Hardware.  It will look great against the dark wall!  Painting a dark accent wall will be a nice balance with the all white room.

2.  I will add The Stone Textile  Square Layers Pillows to our bed.

3.  The all black dressers are a little too all black for me right now.  Since I am not ready to invest in two new dressers,  I am going to replace the hardware with something like this.  That will make a huge difference.

4.  I will move the lower dresser that is currently across from the bed, next to the bed.  This will now be my nightstand/vanity where I can display my jewelry.  (Box, photo,tray)

5.  I am very excited about this vintage mirror I found last week. The shape is so unique but,  the colors are no good right now. So  I am painting it gold, black and white (shocking).  This will go above the black dresser.

Hoping to have this completed in the next few weeks….will share the “AFTER” photos soon.

Enjoy the weekend!