Around The Studio No.1

I thought it would be fun to give you guys a weekly glimpse of what is going on  inside our design studio.  Here’s whats going on right now…


Working on a special interior project for some special clients…the good news is that we have the same taste in fabric and love mixing neutrals and textures together.  This is going to be fun.  Hoping to incorporate our Woven Mini Pillows + The Tweed Pillows as well as the vintage chevron trim I found in New York
Around-The-Studio-4_Stone-TThis Saturday we are shooting our Bridal Registry lookbook….So, a lot of prep work goes into that.  What dinnerware + glassware work best with our tabletop accessories? What pillows should we bring to the shoot location? ECT…I literally took out everything I owned to play around with table settings…
Around-The-Studio-5_-Stone-Here I am holding some extra yardage of the Tribe Print.  We were originally going to do it in a chocolate brown and black but it got pulled last minute.  I am hoping to use it for an upcoming reupholstery project…very excited about it!