The Pillow Project // How We Give Back

In a few weeks Stone Textile will celebrate it’s one year anniversary!  What a great year this has been for us.  Our business is growing and it has been such a incredible experience that it seems only fitting to participate in another “Pillow Project”

The Pillow Project is how Stone Textile gives back.

Please take a moment to learn more…

The Background:
It was apparent from a very early age that designer, Elizabeth Mollen, loved art. From school projects to redecorating her room, or designing costumes for her and her friends, Elizabeth was happiest surrounded by her favorite possessions: her art supplies. When Elizabeth began creating Stone Textile, she found herself, once again, surrounded with a room full of supplies and materials, which reminded her of her childhood and the happiness of having the opportunity to create.

The Mission:
It has always been important for Elizabeth’s family to give back. The idea of the Pillow Project came from a combination of Elizabeth’s memories of a great childhood and the comfort that art still brings her. It is Stone Textile’s goal to share that love with the hope that the children she works with at local hospitals will have a happy day and will be comforted with a creation of their own.

Please contact us at  if you are interested in sponsoring a child at our next Austin event on November 11th at Dell Children’s Hospital. Each pillow donated to a patient (including supplies) costs $10.00.