Packing for Asia + Featured on Domaine Home

Asia-Packing-List_Stone-TexWe are leaving Saturday for Asia! I really needed to be strategic while packing for this trip (I usually overpack)  since we will be visiting a lot of cities.  If you have been to Hong Kong, Cambodia, Chang Mai, Phuket, or Bangkok please let me know your favorite spots!

The Goods:  Camera:  Yes, I will be lugging my good camera around.  Keychain:  Symbolic since we will be riding elephants in Thailand!  Luxe Guides:  For insider tips and hot spots.  Makeup Bag:  Cute for travel sized products.  Sunglasses: Love the shape.  Sketch Book: I have a feeling that I will be very inspired by this trip…  Diary: We always like to keep a travel Diary, started doing it on our honeymoon.  Stone Textile Throw:  Yes, this is happening for the 14 hour flight (it’s only 2.45 pounds! and rolls up nicely)  Sleep Mask:  Also for the plane, I will be pretty much covered in stripes.  Headphones:  Splurged on a good pair, the Ipod ones are so uncomfortable!  Large Travel Bag:  For all of this stuff to go in…

Speaking of the B+W Striped Throw Blanket…We were thrilled to see it featured on Domaine Home as one of their “TOP TEN” lightweight throws….Even cooler?  They are “huge fans” of Stone Textile…feeling is mutual! Thank you Domaine!