My Place / Projects over the holidays

EM_Austin Kitchen

Things have been pretty non stop around here over the past few months and with holiday season coming to a close I will finally have some time to focus on a few projects around our own house.  This image above is a photo of our kitchen…I will finalize paint and hardware for the cabinets very soon (I am thinking white with gold or black hardware but change by mind daily).  I love the mix of metals in the image below.


I also have a bunch of artwork that I need framed and hung.  I love the look of this gallery wall….

Gallery Wall

Our builtin bookshelves in the living room will be installed in a few weeks and I cannot wait….I wanted something asymmetrical yet functional.  How cool is the one below?

Cool Bookshelf

I love how Catherine Kwong organizes her design projects.  2014 is going to be a busy year so something like this will help me stay organized.

Office Organization

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