My Place: Kitchen Cabinets / Before + After


A few weeks ago I mentioned that it was time to give our kitchen a little makeover.  Read about it here.  After hours and hours of work (this was NOT an easy project) we have finally finished painting the cabinets white.  Sand, Degloss, Prime, Paint repeat….that was pretty much how our weekend went.  We followed a few youtube videos and DIY blogs (thank you Young House Love couple) and bought out Home Depot.  I am really proud of what we accomplished and I am happy to share the reveal during “Love Your Home” / Valentine’s Day week.  Every time I walk into my house and look at the kitchen I will remember the weekend that we spent working on our home together.  It is a special feeling that has helped me love my home even more.  And now the more exciting part….Pictures!  Below is a before image:


Kitchen After:



We changed the pulls from chrome to brass since I love brass anything.