Keeping It Local / Dinner Lab Austin


I am so excited to share a very cool dining concept with you.  Dinner Lab has arrived in Austin and we were lucky enough to partake in the pre-launch event last week.  Our Puerto Rican themed meal was held in an abandoned garage…

How it works…Each month 4-6 events are held around the city.  Austin’s top chefs and tastemakers are all involved and ready to enrich your palates.   Choose what dates work for you at 2pm the day of the event you will receive an email with an address and nothing else. Once you arrive and enjoy the signature cocktail of the evening  the chefs set up a make shift kitchen and prepare to serve 80-100 people a unique (different theme each time) five course meal.   It is a gourmet  dining experience held in an untraditional location (think old warehouse, abandoned church or garage) So cool right?  Here are some photos from the pre launch event….


Interested?  Learn more about memberships here