Interior Styling / Nursery Project No. 2


How beautiful is this hotel?  The Viceroy Anguilla, designed by Kelly Wearstler, is definitely on my travel list.  Some friends of mine just returned from a little getaway and were raving about the decor.  These friends have also asked me to help them with their nursery design and the best part is that they want to use this amazing hotel as inspiration. Cool colors, soft textures, and simple modern lines, perfect for a nursery.  It was hard not to start thinking…..below are a few things that may be involved.  Have a great weekend!  xx Elizabeth

Eskayel Wallpaper: Even if it’s in just a small area or we frame a few pieces on the light gray wall…the prints are beautiful!

Leather handmade Mobile:  Love how this is organic yet modern at the same time, cool mobiles are very hard to find!

Shell Stained Dresser/changing table:  This has a great antique feel, similar to the wood stain used on the hotel’s furniture.