Inspired By / Vintage Jewels (always)

Vintage Necklace_1

Today I am going to finally visit the Austin based vintage jewelry shop, Bell and Bird —have heard great things.  A lot of my product designs are inspired by patterns in vintage jewelry so hope to find some great inspiration there.  The “Jet Collar” necklace above and the black enamel bracelets below are favorites.  It’s hard to believe that they are both from the 1860’s as they are so right now!


Vintage Bracelets_2

Here is a little glimpse into my own vintage jewelry collection….I obviously don’t wear these pieces all together but usually never leave the house without a cocktail ring or stack of bracelets.  My late grandmother passed a lot of her own collection down to my mom and I so these pieces are very special to me.

Elizabeth Mollen_Vintage Jewels

Something else in that special category is the photo below that I have of my grandmother wearing her favorite (now my favorite) geometric black onyx and pearl white cocktail ring in the 80’s.  Stone Textile is named after my grandparents so this photo has always been framed in my office.