Design Detail: Open Shelving

Open shelving.  It’s a risky move.  You basically have to plan on keeping everything neat at all times or else the look wont work.   If you are up for the challenge then I say go for it.  Why not show off your beautiful things?  Let’s dicuss the photos above…

1.  Open shelving on an accent wall (two favorites!). I like the neutral tones with a touch of mint green.  An easy way to ease into this design trend. (image)

2. Built-ins with glass doors.  I love how this looks.  Blacks, creams, and metallic accents.  It looks like a piece of art from afar. (image)

3.  If you have the $800 set of All-Clad Stainless, show it off.  Looks very cool against the white subway tile. (image)

Click below to see more and to see how I use the open shelving look for our glassware…

Since open shelving is something that I would love to be able to do one day in my own kitchen; I am taking it one step at a time and started with our bar area (basically testing myself to see how long the pattern I made with my glassware lasts).  I love being able to display our barware and have it easily accessible for when we have parties.

Love the navy and gold on this one

How great are the sliding doors?

Simple white and glass.

images 1,2,3,4