All my bags are packed…

Jeffrey_Cayer_Closet_1Well, the time had finally come.  The trip we have been planning for months is here!  Tomorrow we leave for Hong Kong, Cambodia, and Thailand.   It will be my first time in Asia and I am very excited.  I am especially excited to explore Hong Kong.  It was my grandmother’s favorite place to visit and she would always return with special one of a kind pieces for her antique business.   This will be my first real vacation since starting Stone Textile and it is very needed.  Things have been non stop around here and I need a little break.  It is always a good thing to step away once in a while and it is something that I do not do enough of.

While I am away my assistant, Jen, will be taking over.  Please contact her with questions about online orders, special orders, press related inquiries, ECT. /  We have also scheduled a bunch of great blog posts for you.  A few interior designers/bloggers will be participating in a special “Style My” series where they have styled a room around a favorite Stone Textile product.

Make sure to follow our adventures in Asia on instagram!  xx Elizabeth

image / The Coveteur