New Assistant…

We got a puppy!  I am so excited to introduce  my new studio assistant Toby.  After waiting all Summer we were finally able to take him home this past weekend….I have been getting a lot of questions so here we go…


  • His full name is Tobias Mollen (after our favorite character on Arrested Development)
  • He is a Labradoodle (my husband grew up with labs and I grew up with poodles, one of those marriage compromises)
  • He will be on the large side..40-50 lbs (scary)
  • I have not slept all week. (trying to crate train him)
  • I am already down a pair of Havaianas
  • Out of all of his toys, his favorite is from Barneys (good taste)
  • I have a rug obsession and they are now all in storage because he also has a rug obsession (see photo above)
  • He follows me around all day long and I love it.