Art Post No.8

GUEST POST:   Emily is back with some more art to share…

On a recent quick trip to Chicago, I went with a friend to the Art Institute to view Roy Lichtenstein: A Retrospective. Lichtenstein was one of the preeminent Pop-Art artists, working alongside Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, among others. His most infamous paintings are that of comic-like panels, with hand-painted bindi dots, and an unmistakable primary color palette. Like most artists, there are many additional themes within Lichtenstein’s oeuvre. This particular exhibition showcases an incredible mix of well-known and lesser-known works. In fact, the majority of this show includes pieces loaned from private collections– work rarely viewed by the public. If you find yourself in Chicago, take the chance to see this exhibition while you can! 

Below is an example of the works found in the exhibition Roy Lichtenstein: A Retrospective

1. Ohhh… Alright…, 1964 2. Entablature, 1974, Oil, magna and sand on canvas 3. Brushstroke, 1965 4. Haystack, 1969 5. Mirror, 1972, Color lithograph and screenprint on paper 6. Drawing for Kiss V, 1961-65, Graphite and wax crayon, 6 x 6 inches 7. Detail from a Lichtenstein painting

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