Art Post No.10/Summer in Art

Emily is filling in while I am on vacation!  Enjoy…

Guest Post: In September the art world comes alive again with a barrage of new gallery shows, followed in quick succession by monstrous art fairs. Yet, while August lingers just a little longer, Elizabeth and I thought we’d use this post to share works created by artist’s inspired by travel. For those of you who aren’t already longing for summer again, these works may just make you a little vacation and inspiration envious.

David Hockney
Lived and traveled to LA often, this painting, created there, is one of his most infamous

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David Hockney

Now resides in Yorkshire where he paints plein air

Jennifer Bartlett
Spends her summers on the tip of Long Island in Amagansett

Alex Katz

Captures all aspects of summer in Maine, where he has a second home and studio

Monet Giverny

The artist’s home in Giverny where he painted thousands of water lilies