Art Follow Up….

Guest Post: By Emily

Elizabeth’s post from  Monday caught my art eye, so I wanted to expand on it and add just a few more images. Delphine Krakoff and her husband’s home represent the perfect marriage of interior architecture, design, styling and ART! Together the Krakoff’s happen to have amassed a small, but extremely powerful, modern and contemporary art collection. Not only do they have pieces by art greats like Alexander Calder and Frank Stella, but also they own some of the most sought after works, from their most revered periods. Kudos to the Krakoff’s on their collection and kudos to Elizabeth for her eye! Check out the artist list below.

Thank you Emily!

All images via Harper’s Bazaar

Learn more about the artists here:

Adloph GottliebAlexander CalderJean Arp, Frank Stella,  Al Held,  Allan McCullom,  Morris Louis